Motion Matrix Gymnastics Grants Pass Oregon


Home School P.E.

For Kindergartner's and Older

Home school gymnastics is designed to get your kiddo moving, in a fun environment, while increasing endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and spatial awareness. Gymnastics has been proven to make you smarter! Challenging activities that stimulate the brain and make you think, focus and concentrate are great for developing extraordinary brain power!

Our home school gymnastics class features gymnastics instruction, of course, but also will incorporate games and relays, team building and problem solving activities as well.

We offer classes for home schoolers that are discounted from our regular class prices conducted during non-peak hours!

Motion Matrix is a vendor for LOGOS & REACH!

Home School P.E. "Fitnastics" classes coincide with the regular school year (September - May).

Contact us for current class schedules and pricing!

Gymnastics Teaches:
  • Team Building
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem Solving Activities
  • "Success-oriented" Attitudes

Gymnastics Helps To Develop:
  • Perseverance
  • Focus
  • Poise
  • Confidence
Student Dress Code for All Classes at Motion Matrix

Athletic clothes only! No buttons, zippers, skirts, hoods, drawstrings, pants that cover feet, sequins, grommets or studs.

ONLY stud earrings are allowed! If there is any type of hoop or dangling part then they are NOT ALLOWED!

Must be secured back as to not hit the student, other students or coach in the face or eyes. Applies to boys and girls!

Feet must be bare to avoid slipping. Tights and pants that cover feet are NOT ALLOWED!