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A message from Motion Matrix regarding COVID-19

Good Morning Motion Matrix Families!


I hope this communication finds you and your family well!  At Motion Matrix, we are busy keeping our gym clean and sanitized and doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy!


By now, you are likely aware our local schools have been ordered to close for the remainder of March by Governor Kate Brown. Additionally, by Governor's rule, all events, and gatherings of 250 people have been prohibited.


Motion Matrix is a private business, not a public institution. Also, our capacity at our busiest times is well below the 250-person state-imposed guidelines for gatherings. We are not required to close and will remain open for all classes and team practices! 


Cleaning and sanitizing our equipment and common spaces is already a part of our standard hygiene practices. However, over the past several weeks, we have substantially increased our sanitizing efforts for areas and items that are frequently used and touched. Motion Matrix is following the guidelines set forth by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) on cleaning during this period of uncertainty; be aware that the majority of our cleaning is not visible to our customers because it is performed after hours, and just before class rotations.


What remains certain is the key to controlling the spread of the coronavirus is proper handwashing and sanitizing.  As a result, we have added five hand sanitizer dispensers located at the entries to gym areas and are encouraging our students to sanitize before entering.  Please encourage your kiddo to do so also.


If your child is showing symptoms of illness, please do not send them to class.  Our coaches have been instructed to move any symptomatic children from class immediately so they can be assessed, and we can take action (removing them from the gym, cleaning where they have been, etc.)


As you can imagine, our phone is ringing off the hook; we are struggling to wait on our customers while also handling the increase in phone calls. To help us better assist you, we ask that you email instead of calling so that we can respond to your inquiries, questions, and concerns after regular business hours –


Aside from the increased call volume, it’s business as usual at Motion Matrix!  Choosing to send your (healthy) child to class or not is very much a personal choice for each family.  We respect your decision, but please know we remain open to serve our families! 


We Get Kids Moving!” and don't intend to stop due to this sad and crazy time we are going through!




Lisa Austin, Owner

Hello Families!

My name is Lisa, and I am the owner of Motion Matrix!  Many of you know me, but many still have no clue who I am!  We hope to fix this soon, with a new staff picture area in the gym. We have also begun posting our staff on the Motion Matrix Instagram and Facebook pages - go check those out!  While you are at it, follow our pages if you haven’t already! The purpose of this letter is to share some information regarding trends that have been worrying us at Motion Matrix along with TWO NEW MOTION MATRIX OFFERS that we think you’ll like.


There has been a HUGE increase in childhood obesity over the past years. We have noticed a marked decrease in upper body strength in our students that is concerning to us as well.  Participation in gymnastics has been proven over years of research to aid in maintaining healthy body weight, build muscle, increase cardio health, and so much more.  The social and developmental benefits are tangible as well.  For instance,  balance is directly linked to reading readiness!  Developing healthy physical and social habits is SO important to our youth and the future of our society! Gymnastics is a great stepping stone into any sport!  In fact, many of our competitive gymnasts (currently girls but in the past boys also)  go on to VERY successful seasons of track, football, wrestling, volleyball, softball, soccer, and basketball! Gymnastics accepts students as young as 12 months, so that also makes it one of the first options for the littles to experience an organized activity!


Our motto is WE GET KIDS MOVING, and we want to do even more of that!  We currently are offering a Facebook promotion for $50 credit to all qualifying sign-ups, but that leaves our current families out, and that makes us sad. Don’t fret; we have some COOL NEWS for you! We have two exciting offers for our current customers which are listed below:


Offer #1 - Referral Credit -  For the months of February and March (2020),  if you refer a NEW qualifying student to us, and if they sign-up, then you will receive a $10 credit on your account after their paid sign up!  This one will require that you either email us the name of the person you referred to or stop by our desk to have your information added to the list. Many times those initial trial lessons are a few weeks out, so finishing up the transaction may take a bit of time!



Offer #2 - For the months of February and March (2020), if you add a second class and receive a $50 credit to your account. This offer is applied in increments of a $10 credit per month, which will reduce the added cost of the second class. Many are not aware that adding a class does not double the cost. One 1-hour per week class per month is $55, but two 1-hour classes per week per month is just $99 (not $110)!  This doesn’t even include a sibling discount, which is an additional 10%!  So for 5 months (in this scenario), tuition would be $89 per month.  Classes of shorter duration and adaptive classes have different tuition rates, but the offer still applies!


Please pass on offer #1 to all of your friends with kiddos! It’s a great incentive for both parties. Offer #2 of adding a second class is great for health and progress, and we hope that you will consider this option as well.  We know that some families are not even aware that they can add a second class; most of our classes have a second class option!


If you would like to take us up on either offer, then please shoot us an email, and we will get you set!


Happy Handstands!

Lisa, Owner

Motion Matrix