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Motion Matrix Gymnastics Grants Pass Oregon

Gym and Learn PLUS Preschool

For Potty Trained 3 & 4 Year Olds

A Unique Learning Center... PLUS!

Your child will experience preschool through our well defined learning centers and  resourceful enrichment activities. Our unique approach will enhance your child’s: social and emotional development; creative arts ability; literacy experiences; scientific knowledge; world language skills; and social, family and life skills. Motion Matrix’s Gym & Learn PLUS is a one-of-a-kind preschool, providing a well rounded educational experience that will prepare your child for Kindergarten both physically and mentally. It’s a great place to grow!

Our Mission Statement

Motion Matrix Gym & Learn PLUS offers an activity based learning environment that also focuses on enrichment activities such as Spanish, manners, life and social skills, PLUS! Our goal is to provide each student experiences that stimulate, assist, support and sustain emerging skills. The importance of a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness will be introduced. We maintain a small student to teacher ratio in order to maximize young children’s learning and development, and ultimately, provide each child a unique foundation for current and future school success.


Introducing Kindermusik at Gym & Learn PLUS!

Motion Matrix is proud to announce Kindermusik as an additional activity to our Gym & Learn PLUS preschool program! Each level of the Kindermusik curriculum is theme-based, with a new theme each month.

For Our Mini’s Class

Wiggle & Grow encourages children’s natural love of the rhythms and patterns that are the foundation of language, math, and music skills.


For Our Mover’s Class

Laugh & Learn pairs music with pretend play to make the most of preschoolers’ brilliant imaginations.  The rhythm patterns used are more complex and additional instruments are used to take advantage of more developed fine motor skills and to provide new experiences. 


For Our Kinder-Ready Class

Move & Groove introduces children to more sophisticated music concepts in a clear and accessible way, setting the stage for formal music instruction. Children listen to and imitate different rhythm patterns as they experiment with more advanced instruments like the guiro and glockenspiel. They build pre-literacy skills as they explore basic music notation, tempo, pitch, and timbre through listening activities. Terms like glissando, crescendo, staccato, and legato are brought to life through song and instrument play, while dances and movement activities build physical coordination. During storytime, children hone their attentive listening skills with engaging books on topics that include learning about musical instruments, exploring humor and joke-telling, and an introduction to some influential composers and their work.

It's a great place to grow!

Our Facility

Our learning environment resides inside a 22,000 square foot fully equipped USA Gymnastics Member Club. Our experienced and safety-minded staff provide a foundation of knowledge & skills within a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Gym & Learn PLUS is a recorded program through the Oregon Office of Child Care. Our staff are background checked as required through the State of Oregon and USA Gymnastics.


As a USA Gymnastics member club, Motion Matrix participates in USA Gymnastics’ “We Care” campaign to help prevent child abuse and sexual assault on children. 

Meet Our Teachers

Head Teacher: Barbara Jansson

Barbara, or Miss B (as her students call her), has recently joined Motion Matrix and comes to us highly recommended by peers and industry professionals alike. Miss B loves working with children and has been trained in, and has used, Creative Curriculum throughout her years of teaching. Miss B earned her Associate’s in Early Childhood Education from Rogue Community College and also possesses a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education from Southern Oregon University. In addition to her background in gymnastics and dance, Miss B has the same strong belief in learning through play that Gym and Learn PLUS has structured its program around.  Miss B makes a wonderful fit for Motion Matrix and will transition seamlessly into our program; she brings an abundance of knowledge, creativity and energy to Gym & Learn PLUS!


Program Advisor: Anna Minter

Anna attended Los Angeles Valley College’s Early Childhood Education & Teaching program in 1988. Since then, Anna has been a Kindergarten teacher (20 years experience), owner of a professional children’s entertainment company (Miss Anna), and CEO of a children’s etiquette academy. Anna has coined the term “edu-tainment” (educational entertainment for children), and is dedicated to empowering and engaging young children through humor, storytelling, and Spanish immersion through songs, games and activities. We are excited to have Anna as our program advisor and enrichment activity teacher!

Student Dress Code for All Classes at Motion Matrix

Athletic clothes only! No buttons, zippers, skirts, hoods, drawstrings, pants that cover feet, sequins, grommets or studs.

ONLY stud earrings are allowed! If there is any type of hoop or dangling part then they are NOT ALLOWED!

Must be secured back as to not hit the student, other students or coach in the face or eyes. Applies to boys and girls!

Feet must be bare to avoid slipping. Tights and pants that cover feet are NOT ALLOWED!